Who we are

Background of Little Steps Charity Organisation

Little Steps Charity Organisation was registered in 2017, with the aim to aid any individuals or community in need without bias. Founded by a doctor and supported by a group of medical professionals, since inception, we have done multiple projects for different communities locally and internationally.

We focus on long term sustainable projects to achieve a solution and results in the community. To date, all projects undertaken by Little Steps have been funded by donations from the public.

Little Steps Charity Organisation (through ASAS) developed a Free Clinic in Kampung Chnnang Province, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, which has been running well for the past 3 years. The clinic provides free services of consultation, medicines, and procedures to poor villagers of Kg Chnnang Province which consists of 400 villages.

Background of Hope Spring Foundation

Hope Spring Foundation was formed to facilitate the development of infrastructure projects in Yemen and focuses on helping deliver humanitarian aid to Yemen’s victims of war. The organization via its affiliate based in Yemen is able to facilitate humanitarian projects for NGOs and other groups.

We create opportunities for people worldwide to engage in an experience of shared humanity and meaningful purpose. Hope Spring was registered as a charity organization in Yemen in 2016, and in Malaysia in January 2020. Collaborating with Little Steps on the Klinik Amal Muhajir project, Hope Spring provides support by facilitating fundraising within Malaysia and internationally.

Given the successes that Little Steps and Hope Springs have had in medical outreach projects, the two organizations decided to develop a Refugee Charity Clinic in Serdang, Selangor where refugee community leaders have identified as one of the areas of the mass migrant population in need.

With the existing barriers to healthcare access for refugees and the asylum-seeker population in Malaysia, we believe that we can help close this gap by providing free consultation by healthcare professionals, minor procedures, regular follow-ups for non-communicable diseases, and health education tailored to the migrant population.

By doing so, we are able to improve the health literacy and status of refugees and asylum-seekers which will foster them a greater quality of life and for better navigation in the health system.

Intervention Proposed

  • To provide healthcare access, treatment, care, support, and medical education through a fully supported free clinic for the migrant population in Malaysia.
  • Provision of support to drugs for the management of Non-communicable diseases such as oral anti-diabetics, oral antihypertensive and inhalers for asthma.
  • Provision of easily accessible and regular maternal healthcare.
  • Early identification and diagnosis of communicable disease e.g. TB for early intervention, and support of treatment of TB drugs to the Respiratory Medicine Institute.

Why Donate?

Klinik Amal Muhajir Provides Medical Aid to the Destitute

The clinic’s overheads and running costs are fully funded by generous public donations. We rely on your support to help provide vital healthcare for the refugee and asylum-seeker population in Malaysia.

  • Health Literacy
  • Non-critical Infections
  • Basic Medical Aid
  • Blood tests
  • Minor cuts and wounds
  • Hospital referals
  • Diabetes
  • Flu and more…