Klinik Amal Muhajir once established is expected to serve thousands of registered refugees, displaced and asylum seekers concentrated in the town of Serdang Selangor Malaysia. Most of them are from war torn countries such as Yemen, Palestine, Syria and others.

Unable to work and access basic healthcare, many refugees suffer from untreated chronic diseases. As a result, these refugees live in a fragile environment where they experience significant barriers to basic livelihood opportunities, healthcare, and education.

UNHCR Malaysia reported that there are 175,760 registered refugees and asylum seekers in Malaysia, the majority of whom are from Myanmar, with others coming from war and conflict-enduring countries such as Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia and so on. Many refugees are untreated for simple medical conditions that eventually turn chronic.

The Refugee Charity Clinic in Malaysia is a collaboration between two NGOs – Little Steps which has already established a similar clinic in Cambodia, and Hope Spring EQA which has been active in humanitarian work  for Yemen’s victims of war since 2016.

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